The Upside Down Kingdom

Zoom Meetings:

Tuesday, 7pm, facilitated by Hannah Baehr

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Discussion Questions:

Have you ever had a job for which you felt under/overpaid?

In Matthew 20, The early workers complained against the landowner because they felt they were being treated unfairly, but it was the landowner’s decision to be generous with his resources. If God is represented by the landowner in this parable, what does this teach us about the character of God?

Read Ephesians 2:4-9. How do these verses add to our understanding of God’s generosity toward us? Since we are recipients of this grace, what are some practical ways we show others this same generosity?

In Matthew 19:20-28, James and John asked to be regarded as great in the Kingdom of God. But their request showed that they misunderstood the upside down nature of the kingdom of God. In light of these verses, how do you think Jesus would define greatness in the kingdom of God? How does that differ from greatness in other kingdoms?

Read Philippians 2:3, and 3:17-20. What are some heroes in your life who continually think of others as more important than themselves, who live as servants of the cross of Christ, and set their mind on the Kingdom of God?

In light of what the passage says about the “upside-down” Kingdom of God, justice and grace, and servant leadership, how should Christians respond to the events in Washington D.C. last week?